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In his first address to the UN General Assembly, Félix Tshisekedi underlined the need to reform the primary body charged with maintaining international peace and security.,best free slots to play,Tensions have been rising following the outcomes of the November 2020 general elections, in which Aung San Suu Kyi-led National League for Democracy (NLD) claimed an overwhelming victory. ,Mr. Abiy took office in April 2018, previously serving as minister for science and technology. He began implementing several political reforms including achieving good relations with Eritrea..

Mr. Lacroix held different discussions with provincial authorities of Ituri and North Kivu and reiterated the need for the international community and other regional partners to support the DRC in providing security for the displaced people, including in Ituri province where recurring attacks from the CODECO militias in Djugu territory have left hundreds of people dead and thousands internally displaced. ,He expressed agreement with Secretary-General António Guterres, that socio-economic recovery packages must aim to “build back better” by investing in sustainable and resilient societies, emphasizing that human rights must also be fully respected.,“He calls on the Congolese authorities to spare no effort in investigating and promptly holding accountable the perpetrators of this unacceptable attack”, said Mr. Dujarric. ,canasta card game points.

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Civilians have been killed, while others were injured or forced to flee their homes. Property was destroyed and humanitarian supplies were also looted in the violence. ,canasta card game online yahoo,“If there is a hell on earth, it is the lives of children in Gaza” ,Secretary-General António Guterres said, expressing deep shock at the continued air and artillery bombardment by the Israeli Defence Forces in Gaza that has so far claimed the lives of more than 200 Palestinians, including 60 children, and injured thousands more..

Libya’s High National Election Commission (HNEC) has confirmed that the first round of presidential elections will be held on 24 December.  ,Relatedly, Mr. Guterres called for the release of opposition leader Soumaïla Cissé, who was abducted during the campaigning.,canasta card game points,The UN chief further appealed to the international community to support the ceasefire agreement.  He also urged countries to continue to encourage the sides to resolve their differences through peaceful means..

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Stronger accountability mechanisms and systematic care services for survivors are needed to decisively address this scourge. She said it is also critical for armed forces to strengthen their training to prevent such abuse, and for prevention measures to be adequately reflected in legislation criminalizing sexual violence.,It is the second largest Ebola emergency to date, after the West Africa crisis from 2016-2016 that saw more than 28,600 cases of infection. ,According to news reports, at least 13 civilians, including women and children, died during the US Special Forces operation in the Syrian border town of Atmeh..

best free slots to play,“When new crises emerge, like the COVID-19 pandemic, these children are especially vulnerable,” said UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore.  “It is essential that Governments and humanitarian partners work together to keep them safe, healthy, learning and protected.” ,MINUSMA is the most dangerous UN operation in the world. Nearly 130 peacekeepers serving there have been killed in malicious acts, the UN chief told the Security Council in June.  .

Having been up and running in Iraq for a year, tasked with promoting accountability for the crimes committed by Da’esh during its years of terror beginning in 2014, the team is now “fully operational” said the Special Adviser, with a cohort of 107 staff members.,Last week the Ethiopian Government declared a unilateral ceasefire, and the UN has been appealing for resupplies of aid and fuel to be allowed in.   ,Across all three conflict-affected regions of the north, more than nine million people now need humanitarian food assistance, the highest number so far, since the conflict began..

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He suggested neighbouring countries could leverage their influence over the military to have it “respect the will of the people and to act in the greater interest of peace and stability in the country and region.” , “As President of the ‘parliament of humanity’, I call on countries to scale up the level of cooperation to curb illicit financial flows and recover the proceeds of crime; to develop effective tools and create a policy environment for combating illicit financial flows, in accordance with the existing relevant international frameworks,” he said in a pre-recorded video message. ,“Serious political and social crises in the country have prompted Nicaraguan students, human rights defenders, journalists and farmers to flee their country at an average rate of 4,000 people every month”, UNHCR spokesperson Shabia Mantoo told journalist on Tuesday at the Palais des Nations in Geneva..

canasta card game online yahoo,Thousands were subjected to unimaginable violence on account of their identity, including sexual violence, mass executions, forced conversions and other crimes.  Many remain in displacement camps or are still missing.  ,He made that point as he sent to the Security Council a summary of a 185-page report from the UN Board of Inquiry that he set up on 1 August last year, into a number of incidents in northwest Syria involving facilities on the deconfliction list and UN-supported facilities. .

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In separate declarations, the two sides had also called for the lifting of the oil blockade and a return to the political process, the UN Secretary-General continued, before calling on “all parties” to engage constructively together, potentially at the UN in Geneva “in the coming weeks” on military issues.  ,canasta card game online yahoo,Just days after the pandemic was declared, the Secretary-General issued an appeal for a global ceasefire, urging warring parties to “silence the guns” and focus on fighting the virus. .

IAEA chief Rafael Mariano Grossi, addressed Member States who are this week attending the agency’s annual General Conference through a combination of in-person and virtual participation. ,Ms. Rodriguez said the US has also “flexed its imperialist claws” against “kindred” revolutions in Cuba and Nicaragua.,canasta card game points,Peacebuilding is also not purely technical but deeply political and human, he further stated, and consideration must be given to the emotions and memories that various parties bring to the negotiating table. .

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The mission routinely goes beyond its mandate to help the South Sudanese people, especially in terms of providing health care and carrying out lifesaving and critical tasks. ,canasta card game points,“Governments must find ways to move people forward together, as one, through constant dialogue - recognizing and respecting differences - even if this means devolving some areas of authority,” said Mr. Guterres, speaking in French. , “What would you do if someone tried…to erase your presence?” he asked the delegations in the Assembly Hall and demanded: “Hasn’t the time come for the emancipation of the Palestinian people and their freedom from this injustice, oppression and occupation?”.

The deteriorating situation is causing an “unprecedented humanitarian emergency”, the UN refugee agency warned on Friday. At a press briefing in Geneva, spokesperson Andrew Mbogori said that some 486,000 have been forced to flee within the country, 267,000 of whom in the past 3 months alone. ,She continued, “I also warned they will go in an isolation”, to which they said, “we have to learn to walk with only few friends”.  ,“Innocent civilians are seeking safety but instead are paying with their lives with alarming frequency.”  ,canasta card game online yahoo.

“We, of course, all know that after eight and a half years of conflict, there are deep differences, a lot of suspicion, and a lack of trust”, he acknowledged. “But the fact that 150 Syrians have been sitting together, respecting each other, talking to each other, discussing – according to the agenda that we agreed upon – the future of Syria, I think was quite impressive.”,live stream ing of ipl today,Secretary-General António Guterres told the annual gathering of 55 African nations in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, that the strategic partnership between the UN and AU is “of paramount importance” and he was deeply committed to the principle that Africa’s challenges can only be solved through African leadership. ,Côte d'Ivoire is the largest economy of French-speaking Africa and home to the African Development Bank..

Mr. Guterres, continued the spokesman,  calls on the parties to the conflict to implement the Riyadh Agreement, as well as concentrate efforts on countering the spread of COVID-19, and responding to the flooding that has affected tens of thousands of Yemenis.,Addressing ambassadors, the UN political affairs chief reiterated the UN Secretary-General’s appeal that “there can be no alternative to diplomacy and dialogue”. ,The military escalation has yielded dozens of civilian casualties and displaced 80,000 citizens, including 30,000 in the last week alone.,canasta card game points.

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He pointed to “an upsurge in attacks”, whether by the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), or those launched by the RED-Tabara against Bujumbura airport, in Burundi, last September. ,“More than ever, it is crucial for vulnerable people to have access to not only water, soap, shelters, but also food, education and protection.”,“By filling critical gaps in what remains a modestly sized mission, I hope we can effectively respond to the evolving needs of the transition in Sudan.”.

best free slots to play,The military developments in the northeast prompted international mine action NGOs to evacuate the area, said Agnes Marcaillou, Director of the UN Mine Action Service (UNMAS).,"And yet, Syrian children’s basic rights to life and protection are not met," she stated..

“The UN and its humanitarian partners in Ethiopia are urgently calling on all parties to the conflict to comply with their obligations under international humanitarian law and protect civilians and civilian infrastructure, including health facilities, and water systems”, added Mr. Dujarric.,The UN chief said it was true that Sudan had achieved “important milestones”, and these cannot be reversed. ,The UN health agency and partners have pre-positioned thousands of medical treatments, vaccines and trauma medicines at a hub in Qamishli, with thousands more being airlifted this week..

“An empty stomach is a gaping hole in the heart of a society. A stunted child's growth in the mind is progress for her and for everyone”, Secretary-General António Guterres  attested to the Executive Board of the World Food Programme (WFP). ,That was the message from UN Secretary-General António Guterres on Saturday, speaking during the World Bank Group and International Monetary Fund (IMF) Annual Meetings in Washington DC. ,In addition, implementation of the assets freeze, and travel ban measures regarding designated individuals also remains ineffective, the Panel added. .

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Acknowledging this current “pivotal moment”, Mr. Mladenov underlined his support for efforts towards peace. ,Along with the murder of civilians and UN ‘blue helmets’ the militia members attacked the MINUSCA office in Bangassou, using heavy weapons, and forced thousands of civilians to flee their homes, said the Mission. ,“It is imperative that those responsible for using these abhorrent weapons are identified and held accountable, for the sake of the victims and to prevent any future chemical warfare”..

best free slots to play,“Basrawis should not live in such an atmosphere of terror and intimidation. Greater action by the authorities is urgently required,” she said in a news release on Thursday. ,Women in the media are particular targets, says UNESCO: they are often targets of online harassment, and face threats of gender-based violence..

China’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Wang Yi, said that counter-terrorism is a shared responsibility for all countries, in a world where terrorism, separatism, and extremism are “rampant”, and are becoming increasingly pervasive and home-grown.,“With the emergence of new challenges due to the latest devastating event, UN in Lebanon and partners are mobilized to provide immediate humanitarian assistance to the Lebanese people in support of the government’s response to this tragedy”, she said. ,The strategy seeks to leverage the activities of UN entities working there to better assist countries on the path to peace, security and sustainable development. .

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his opposite number in Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, reportedly agreed to begin the cessation of hostilities around Idlib, at midnight on Thursday, local time, agreeing also establish a security corridor and joint patrols.,In a briefing to the Security Council on 14 January, UN officials expressed deep concern about the adverse humanitarian impact the designations would have on the Yemeni people, especially at a time when the threat of famine is growing. ,“I share the frustrations, the impatience, and the hopes of those survivors that that singular moment - the first referral by the Council to the International Criminal Court - will reap dividends,” he said. .

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