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While the most pressing challenges of our time are being felt and even exacerbated all over the planet, particularly as climate-induced disasters impact food supplies and increase inequalities, “there is no doubt that they are being most strongly felt by the poorest and most vulnerable among us,” he stated.,buy old consoles,The UN refugee agency (UNHCR) and the UN migration agency (IOM) issued statements based on data from national immigration authorities and other sources, showing that, on average, in 2018, 5,000 people left Venezuela every day in search of protection or a better life. The vast majority of them – 2.7 million – are hosted in countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.,The increase is largely attributable to new or intensified conflict and insecurity in Myanmar, north-east Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan and Yemen..

The UN team witnessed a number of cases of severe acute malnutrition amid growing reports of an impending crisis. Healthcare workers at Shofiniyeh hospital reportedly screened 317 children under five in the last two weeks with 69 cases of acute malnutrition and 127 of children at risk.,Moreover, some hegemonic countries have called for “smart sanctions” when they know that such measures are a form of collective punishment and killings against people supporting the “wrong” homelands.,Commercial food imports are needed to keep food available and affordable in markets across the country, and fuel is essential to run generators in hospitals and health facilities as well as power critical services.,t20 world cup today match.

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Challenges are further compounded by wave after wave of cholera outbreaks and fighting that has not only claimed civilian lives, but also severely hampered delivery of life-saving aid.,t20 world cup today live match,Whilst the COVID-19 pandemic has put an extra strain on the most vulnerable populations in the world, war and armed conflict remain the greatest enemies faced by the World Food Programme: people living in conflict-affected countries are three times more likely to be undernourished than those living in peace..

In its report entitled World Food Assistance: Preventing Food Crises, WFP makes the case for tackling the root causes of food crises – not just conflict, but climate shocks, chronic hunger and malnutrition; poorly functioning food systems; and flawed political, social and economic structures.,In addition, IOM has created disaster risk reduction safety committees to warn refugees of what to expect and how to prepare for the wind and rain that are expected to bring deadly floods and landslides.,t20 world cup today match,“The CERF funds will complement the Government plan and will enable humanitarian partners to provide life-saving assistance, including shelter, clean water and sanitation services for those most in need among the displaced and host communities. The funds will also support solutions for displaced people to re-establish their lives,” said Mr. Lowcock, who manages the CERF on behalf of the Secretary-General..

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“We are concerned that they may be facing an elevated risk of famine if the situation would further deteriorate over the coming months”, said Claudia Ah Poe, senior food security adviser at the World Food Programme (WFP), speaking at a press conference at UN Geneva. ,The crisis is being compounded by climate change... “and if nothing is done, the effects of terrorism, violent extremism and organized crime will be felt far beyond the region and the African continent,” he said.,“Conditions in refugee camps are better than those in many host communities, so the international community needs to effectively contribute to the development of these communities as part of distributing the burden involved.”.

buy old consoles,“Indeed, the financial and economic policies adopted for decades and built upon the profit-based pattern, in addition to corruption and waste that resulted from bad management and absence of accountability, had pushed Lebanon into an unprecedented financial and monetary crisis which led to economic stagnation, a stifling livelihood crisis, and growing in unemployment, migration and poverty rates”, Mr. Aoun elaborated.,Ms. Mueller witnessed the human face of the humanitarian crisis when she visited the northern town of Paoua..

The UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNWRA), said that it requires some  million to cover the emergency needs of 5.6 million registered Palestinian refugees in the Middle East, until the end of December.  ,Ahead of the Summit, the Secretary-General presented the Agenda for Humanity, which outlines five different areas requiring collective action that, taken as a whole, provides the key actions and strategic shifts the world needs.,Since WFP distributions are carried out at agreed sites for “contacts” of Ebola-affected people, families receive one-week rations, encouraging them to come back to the distribution site where they can also receive a medical check-up at least once per week, over the course of 28 days..

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The reduction has endangered the agency’s programmes across the region, he added.,Now a Health and Risk Communication Officer with the NGO International Rescue Committee (IRC), Mr. Mohammedali spent a year in a camp on Leros Island, run by the UN refugee agency, UNHCR, where he received financial assistance, and learned English, French and Greek.,“This is hybrid warfare. It combines the violence of weapons with the poison of lies,” Mr. Michel stated, describing falsehoods coming from the Kremlin – such as the justifying the war as a preventative measure for an alleged genocide of Russian-speakers in Ukraine..

t20 world cup today live match,More than 50,000 homes have been destroyed or damaged by the quake, and people are seeking refuge in makeshift tents near their ruined homes and living with relatives.,“The latest outbreak in violence in Idlib and north Hama has left dozens of casualties, burned several thousands of acres of crops and farmland, and forced at least 300,000 people to flee their homes,” Mr. Verhoosel said, condemning the bloodshed..

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According to news reports, the three million people – roughly half of whom are native residents and the other half persons displaced within the country – of Idlib, the last big rebel enclave, are bracing for Syrian Government forces to begin a phased offensive.,t20 world cup today live match,In a joint alert with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), WFP also warned that 16 other countries also face a “major (food) emergency – or series of emergencies” in the next three to six months. .

The “overwhelming impact” had been on local health workers, not international staff, Dr Ryan told a Geneva Peace Week event, in his capacity as Director of WHO’s Health Emergencies Programme.,Urban water networks in seven cities have run out of fuel and now depend on humanitarian organizations to fill in the gap. Other cities will shortly be in a similar situation if the blockade is not lifted, which would leave 11 million people without safe water.,t20 world cup today match,According to Indonesia’s National Disaster Management Authority, at least 91 people have lost their lives, with more than 200 injured and thousands displaced. In addition, thousands of houses have been damaged, and according to news reports around 10,000 have been evacuated from the island..

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The period of greatest risk will be the lean season, between May and July.,t20 world cup today match,High energy biscuits are often used in emergency situations as they are easy to transport and do not require cooking, the agency explained.,The UN chief also stressed the importance of Security Council resolution 2254 (2015), which endorsed a road map for a peace process in Syria, and the 2012 Geneva Communiqué, which set out the principles for a political transition in the country..

Bience Gawanas, Special Adviser on Africa to the Secretary-General, also addressed the meeting, echoed Mr. Grandi’s recognition of African solidarity to displaced people. She declared that the Security Council has a responsibility to find coherent solutions to displacement, as opposed to “siloed” approaches to peace, humanitarian affairs and development that are neither effective, nor durable.,In Idlib, armed clashes between Government forces, their allies and opposition armed groups have intensified, with insecurity also spreading to parts of northeast Hama, western rural Aleppo and southern Idlib – forcing 100,000 people to abandon their homes near the frontline and move towards safer areas. Conditions in Idlib are dire, with many displaced people forced to stay out in the open during the winter period.,“UNICEF estimates that among the returnees more than 80,000 are children, and these children are in need of immediate humanitarian assistance,” spokesperson Christophe Boulierac told journalists in Geneva.,t20 world cup today live match.

The 16 countries that are monitored are: Afghanistan, Burundi, the Central African Republic (CAR), the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Guinea-Bissau, Haiti, Iraq, Lebanon, Liberia, Mali, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine and Yemen.,pro kabaddi dream 7,In all meetings, she highlighted the need for inclusive solutions that integrated the views and important voices of women.,“These heroes have not only rescued families off roofs, but are also delivering food, water purification tablets and other life-saving humanitarian assistance to survivors after communities have literally been washed away,” Mr. Guterres said in a statement..

Another one million doses announced yesterday would cover 500,000 people, or one million people if a single-dose approach is used, Dr. Legros explained. Then the protection would be relatively short.,“This Council’s main responsibility is peace and international security. In other words, this Council can help prevent famine to ever occur again,” he stressed.,An assessment is underway to determine whether it fulfilled the criteria to amount to a “full-blown famine,” he added.,t20 world cup today match.

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In that context, he said that he was “encouraged” by the news of the first commercial fuel imports docking on 24 December at the Hudaydah port (the closest port to the majority of Yemenis) since 6 November, while commercial food imports that resumed in recent weeks have continued.,The Government estimates that rehabilitation and reconstruction will cost 5 million after the quake and aftershocks on 30 September triggered landslides, wiping out entire villages, killing an estimated 1,117 people, injuring 1,214 others and affecting is 1.2 million.,“Further airstrikes and shelling incidents were reported in the southern countryside of the governorate,” UN Deputy Spokesman Farhan Haq told reporters at the daily briefing in New York..

buy old consoles,The report, “Crisis in the Central African Republic: In a neglected emergency, children need aid, protection – and a future”, finds that life has become harsher and more dangerous for children: thousands are trapped within armed groups, with thousands more, subject to sexual violence.,“We must now make a decision about whether or not we want to take further steps to prevent this system from suffering greater paralysis in the face of mass suffering of people,” he said..

A recent Médecins Sans Frontières report showed that 12,000 cases of family and sexual violence are treated each year in Tari Family Support Centre in Hela Province, where the worst earthquake damage occurred.,“Iraq calls upon all the region’s countries to enter into a dialogue to resolve these water issues in line with international treaties,” he said, noting at the same time that Iraq was a oil producer and as it was affected by climate change, it would also be affected by measures taken to address the phenomenon regarding reduction in dependence of fossil fuels.,“We have to increase the supply by sea, both under market conditions and within the UN (World) Food Programme, for which Ukraine is always a reliable partner,” he said. .

The funds represent almost one-third of the YHRP .96 billion requirement.,“This area is screaming for diplomatic solutions,” he said. “It is yearning for the best diplomats, the best military negotiators to sit down between each other and come to agreements, knowing that there wouldn’t be another Idlib to be evacuated to.”,Mr. Bennett urged the international community to act..

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All Member States take part in each of the Committees’ discussions and the agenda is divided up thematically. The issues are debated, corresponding resolutions are voted on and then forwarded to all UN Member States – in the so-called General Assembly Plenary – for a final decision.,Flash floods last month worsened the situation, said Peter Hawkins, the head of UNICEF operations in Iraq.,Meanwhile, WFP aviation specialists are helping with air traffic management in and out of the town, while WFP-run humanitarian flights transport aid workers as well as medical and protection equipment, and other cargo, between Goma and Beni each day..

buy old consoles,“We need an inclusive political process, and the UN is here to facilitate that process, starting with a constitutional committee getting to work,” he said, noting that the process must be credible, “because only then can the UN invest it with the legitimacy it needs.”,In a recent interview with the UN News Centre, Mr. O’Brien, who heads the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), discusses the vital aspects of humanitarian work, some of today’s most urgent crises, and the challenges and importance of donor participation. The interview, conducted prior to Mr. O’Brien’s recent visits to Yemen and Syria, has been edited for length and clarity..

We call on the international community, in particular countries of the region with the financial ability to host refugees, to take in fleeing civilians from Syria – OHCHR spokesperson,According to the World Bank, about 30 per cent of Palestinians overall are unemployed. The situation is even more dire in Gaza, where half of the population is jobless and where restrictions on trade and resources are leading to a continuing decline in productivity.,The 2018 HRP – the third coordinated appeal in Libya – is being launched on behalf of the humanitarian community in partnership with the Libyan authorities. It will help to implement 71 projects by 22 organizations, including UN agencies as well as national and international non-governmental organizations..

“It means we will not be able to distribute basic family hygiene kits that include soap, which is so critical for preventing both cholera and COVID in a context where millions don’t have access to handwashing facilities.”,The situation was “heartbreaking” and complicated by the fact that Idlib has become a haven for belligerents forced out of former strongholds by government forces and their allies, said the UN official.,“Building sustainable peace requires inclusivity, collective investment, determination, diligence, and patience.”.

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