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The Sustainable Development Goals Report 2018 reveals that conflict and climate change were major contributing factors to increased hunger and forced displacement, among other challenges.,zynga poker free chips video,Under the theme “Transformation towards sustainable and resilient societies”, this year’s Forum focuses on six of the 17 goals:,While serving as Korea’s Consul General in Washington, DC nearly three decades ago, Secretary-General Ban had travelled to Atlanta to speak about Dr. King. He told the audience at the Atlanta University Center today that his profound respect for Dr. King only deepened over the years..

Mexican Ambassador Juan Manuel Gómez Robledo said that the convention, by giving an “international impetus against discrimination of so many people,” will also provide an impetus to action at the national level.,“Mobilize the transformative power of the world’s young people,” Mr. Guterres said, noting that a UN strategy to address that need, will be launched in September.,The two-day summit, one of the five high-level summits and meetings taking place during the opening week of the 74th session of the UN General Assembly, will allow leaders from government, business and other sectors to identify specific actions on the road to 2030.,zynga poker free chips today.

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In his address, the Canadian official spoke of the priorities of his country’s G7 presidency, including its focus on strengthening climate resilience and disaster recovery.,zynga poker free chips offers,According to the UN agency, between 2019 and 2021, the number of people who went hungry in the region increased by 30 per cent, to 56.5 million. .

“This event is a wonderful opportunity to further advance awareness of the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, and its vital message,” he continued. “Let us take this chance to engage with sports champions and young men and women around the world. Working together, we can harness sport as a force for positive change.”,While UNICEF has lifesaving supplies in Haiti, prolonged violence and instability could prevent the delivery and replenishment of stockpiles, including vaccines, medicine and medical supplies.,zynga poker free chips today,It stood as a reaffirmation of faith in fundamental human rights, human dignity, and the rule of law, he said, noting that the Residual Mechanism and the Tribunals before it, serve as reminders of those values for future generations..

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Kenya, Madagascar, North Macedonia, Suriname, and Zimbabwe were selected from proposals submitted by over 100 countries, as being the most impactful and investment-ready to take public. ,Lao authorities acknowledged to Ms. Jahangir that some incidents had occurred, but assured her that they would not be tolerated in the future and that fresh instructions have been passed down to lower-level officials.,For affected countries, the shift to synthetics like methamphetamine is particularly difficult to address; partly because the remote and clandestine makeshift laboratories where it’s manufactured, can easily be moved..

zynga poker free chips video,Independent experts or special rapporteurs are appointed by the Geneva-based UN Human Rights Council to examine and report back on a country situation or a specific human rights theme. The positions are honorary and the experts are not UN staff, nor are they paid for their work.,“In the independent and impartial exercise of its mandate, my office will also give consideration to all submissions and views conveyed to it during the course of each preliminary examination, strictly guided by the requirements of the Rome Statute,” she continued, noting that a preliminary examination was not subject to statutory timelines..

“The General Assembly successfully organized socially distanced elections for the General Assembly Presidency, the Security Council, and the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). Furthermore, we employed virtual methods to gather stakeholders from around the world on Charter Day, and once again at the multi-stakeholder hearing on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Fourth World Conference on Women”, he detailed.,Last year, the agency headed up the Clean Seas campaign to urge a ban on single-use plastic, after findings revealed there were 500 times more microplastic particles littering the ocean, than there are stars in the galaxy.,According to a report published by two local youth-focused organizations 13 per cent of the children surveyed in one troubled neighbourhood in the capital, Port-au-Prince, say they have been in direct or indirect contact with members of armed gangs as they tried to recruit them. .

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The Biwako Millennium Framework for Action, which incorporates the Millenium Development Goals adopted by world leaders meeting at the UN in 2000, addresses such issues as access to public transport, information, education, training, employment and regional cooperation – all with special emphasis on the needs of women and children, according to the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP).,The Secretary General pointed out that investing in balanced prevention as well as control of drug use and drug use disorders produces solid returns such as lives saved, healthier populations, improved workforce participation and productivity, and reduced criminal justice costs.,The UN Human Rights Office and international human rights mechanisms have repeatedly denounced article 88 of the Penal Code, along with several other provisions of the Code, as being in breach of international human rights law..

zynga poker free chips offers,“This racism is fuelled by messages of fear and violence that are propagated for political gain,” he said, and “it impoverishes, humiliates, oppresses and excludes millions of women, men and children.”,In addition to the deadly violence they faced, families were denied food and medicine, the veteran rights expert noted, before adding that “no warring party acted to protect the civilian population” during the last phase of the siege..

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“The creation, implementation, and oversight of such policy must meaningfully include ethnic-minority communities in decision-making roles,” she insisted.,zynga poker free chips offers,In Mandera, hands-on learning methods for producing, managing and utilizing fodder are taught in a ‘school without walls,’ where groups of 20 to 30 men, women and youth learn through experiential and participatory sessions..

He was elected by acclamation during a ceremony in the iconic General Assembly Hall at UN Headquarters in New York. ,“Precipitous adoption of untested systems could lead to errors by healthcare workers, cause harm to patients, erode trust in AI, and thereby undermine or delay the potential long-term benefits and uses of such technologies around the world,” the agency said.,zynga poker free chips today,“A world of thriving biodiversity provides the foundation we need to achieve our Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of a world of dignity and opportunity for all people on a healthy planet”, concluded the Secretary-General..

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Mr. Fedotov also urged support for Project Childhood, an initiative to combat the sexual exploitation of children – mainly in the travel and tourism sectors – within the Greater Mekong subregion. The project is currently active in Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Viet Nam. UNODC is involved in the project, which focuses on prevention and protection, by strengthening law enforcement capacity to identify, arrest and prosecute travelling child sex offenders.,zynga poker free chips today,Dr. King’s advocacy and pronouncements against discrimination, and in favour of social justice, of global understanding and the virtues of diversity are more relevant today than ever, added the Secretary-General.,The ICC investigation, given the green light to proceed in March, will be led by ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda, who made the request to to the ICC’s Pre-Trial Chamber in November 2017. .

The High Commissioner stressed that under international law, and in particular the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, ratified by Iran, in countries which have not abolished the death penalty, it may only be used for “the most serious crimes” which has been interpreted to mean only crimes involving intentional killing. Even then, the case has to meet stringent fair trial standards.,Jean-Pierre Bemba was the President and commander-in-chief of a Congolese rebel group, the Movement for the Liberation of Congo (MLC), when its troops were sent to CAR to help fight a coup attempt against former President Patassé in 2002 and 2003. They were accused of carrying out numerous serious crimes against civilians, including widespread sexual violence.,Since 1 July 2016, the year Mr. Duterte took office, thousands of people in the Philippines have reportedly been killed for their alleged involvement in illegal drug use or trafficking. While some killings have reportedly occurred in the context of clashes between or within gangs, it is suspected that many incidents involved extra-judicial killings in the course of police anti-drug operations, according to the Court.,zynga poker free chips offers.

Ms. Mohammed, who as Deputy to Secretary-General António Guterres is the highest-ranking woman at the UN, said that Mr. Mandela's profound legacy contains the inspiration needed to address gender equality, which is putting people at the centre to reduce inequality through inclusion and sustainability.,zimbabwe cricket not in world cup,Mr. Boonpatararaksa is being held in detention after an appeals court revoked his bail on 27 December, reportedly justified by the case's sensitive matter and on public order and national security grounds. He is expected back before a judge on 10 February.,In a statement attributable to his spokesperson, Mr. Guterres strongly condemned the abduction and the attack which took place on 19 February on the Bursari Government Girls Science Secondary School, located in the town of Dapchi in Nigeria’s restive Yobe state..

"The Syrian people are no different to the other populations in the region. They want to enjoy the fundamental human rights which they have been denied for so long.",UN News will be on location in Vienna covering UNISPACE+50 and its associated events. Follow us at @UN_News_Centre for news and highlights.,In a statement attributable to his spokesperson, Mr. Guterres strongly condemned the abduction and the attack which took place on 19 February on the Bursari Government Girls Science Secondary School, located in the town of Dapchi in Nigeria’s restive Yobe state.,zynga poker free chips today.

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Independent experts, or special rapporteurs, are appointed by the Geneva-based UN Human Rights Council to examine and report back, in an unpaid capacity, on specific human rights themes. Mr. La Rue will present his report to the Human Rights Council in Geneva next year.,Ms. Lee said she hoped to regain access to Myanmar and said that she remains ready to work with the Government and other stakeholders to promote and protect the human rights of all people in the country.,“Just a few days before the five-year probation period expired, the court decided that Gao must now serve his full suspended sentence for violating the probation rules, with no credit for the time he has already spent under the control of the authorities,” he said..

zynga poker free chips video,Progress is underway. To date, 93 per cent of the world’s 250 largest companies are now reporting on sustainability, as are three-quarters of the top 100 companies in 49 countries. In addition, in 2018, at least 108 countries have now developed policies and initiatives designed to improve the way people, companies and Governments consume and produce.,During the hearings, the ICJ had directed Pakistan not to carry out the death sentence until the Court’s final ruling. On Wednesday, the Court ordered a “continued stay of execution”, as a “indispensable condition for the effective review and reconsideration of the conviction and sentence”..

“We should also recognize that ICT services and ICT networks, are not so easy to manage, because nobody could imagine, under such circumstances, that traffic could to some extent triple”, Mr. Zhao said, referencing the massive surge for videoconferencing and smartphone call capacity that the health crisis has engendered. One important challenge has been the massive shift in broadband usage in urban office buildings, toward the suburbs and rural areas, where people are now telecommuting from their homes.,“Innocent civilians are being killed and injured, and hundreds of families are now fleeing for their lives,” Yanghee Lee, the UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Myanmar, said on Tuesday.,The biggest hotspot by far, is Ukraine with 53,218 reported cases in 2018, followed by Serbia with 5,076, Israel with 2,919, France with 2,913 and Italy with 2,517..

The Food Outlook report warns that existing differences are likely to become more pronounced. ,“This will provide a level playing field to all countries to benefit and propel economic growth through new technologies.”,Smaller-scale smugglers are either ethnically linked to their operating territories, or share ethnic or linguistic ties with the migrants they smuggle. Moreover, some successfully smuggled migrants, then become smugglers themselves..

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“I am also prepared to facilitate quick and effective responses of the General Assembly to emergency situations as they arise,” she added, noting that “unfortunately, they will arise.”,“A humanitarian campaign of several years is today crowned with success, which will give heart to all those who fight for freedom of expression and human dignity,” Paris-based UNESCO Director-General Koïchiro Matsuura said. “The fate of these two men, both in an alarming state of health, was a source of deep concern to us.”,After the police heard the man's theft allegations against Renel, he severely beat the teenager and made him wait alone in the guardhouse for hours without further explanation. He was later transferred to a cell..

zynga poker free chips video,Speaking at the opening of UNISPACE+50 symposium in Vienna, Simonetta Di Pippo, the Director of the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs, said that space technology had become a “fundamental pillar” of 21st century society, driving development worldwide.,He also highlighted the fact that it was the Soviet Union which had made “by far” the greatest sacrifice in terms of military effort and losses sustained during the war against Nazi Germany, until its unconditional surrender on 8 May 1945..

“The arrest, detention and secret trial of Mr. Rezaian violate his rights and intimidate all those working in the media in Iran,” said the UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of opinion and expression, David Kaye. “His continued detention violates basic rules that not only aim to protect journalists, bloggers, human rights activists and others but to guarantee everyone’s right to information.”,On judicial activities, Judge Meron informed the Security Council of the appeal hearing in the Šešelj (MICT-16-99) case and that the appeal judgement in that case, rendered in April. He also spoke of the  appeal hearing in the Karadžić (MICT-13-55) case, which took place on 23 and 24 April, and that it is the aim to conclude the case by December, significantly earlier than previously forecast.,The UN opposes the use of the death penalty in all circumstances and the global trend is towards abolition..

Having lived under the dictatorship of Portugal's António de Oliveira Salazar, Mr. Guterres explained that he was 24 before he knew democracy. Denying his compatriots their human rights had oppressed and impoverished many of them, resulting in a mass exodus, and also brought bloody civil wars to Portugal's former colonies in Africa.,Echoing these concerns, the Special Rapporteur on human rights defenders, Michel Forst, reiterated his fear that, if adopted, the law would impair rights to liberty, security, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion and others.,Additionally, while the rate of killings and sexual violence in Myanmar’s Rakhine province has gone down as compared to August and September last year, recent refugees arrivals narrated that towns near the country’s border with Bangladesh are already largely emptied of its Rohingya population and the refugees arriving now are coming from places further inland..

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